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Collage Image of Markets Served by CoroMed Who Do We Serve?


  • EMS: EMS/Fire Depts, Vol FD, and BLS transports.
  • Law Enforcement: Military, Police Depts, Highway Patrol, County Sherriffs.
  • Trainers: Vocational, Continuing Education, CPR/AED, Athletic trainers, etc.
  • Hospital: General, Children’s, Teaching and Specialized
  • Surgery Center: Dermatology, Podiatry, Foot and Ankle, etc.
  • Medical Office: Private Physicians, Dental, Veterinary, etc.
  • Municipalities: Federal/State/County municipalities- City Hall, Correctional Institutions, Parks, etc.
  • Public Access: Airports, Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Fitness Centers, etc.


Equipment Rentals


At, we are committed to helping you place AED devices and implement AED programs in your community, even on a tight budget. With plans starting at only $59 per month (plus a one-time fee of $50 covering shipping both ways), our AED rental program enables you to have a reliable, life-saving AED for your office, home, and other public spaces. 


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Equipment Buy-Back


Coro Medical will work with you to either sell or trade-in your equipment. This not only provides our customers with value for older equipment, it also ensures that these devices either find a good home, or are disposed of properly.


There are several ways Coro Medical can work with you in this capacity:

  • Offer a ‘trade-in’ credit when making a purchase from Coro Medical
  • Offer an open account credit for future purchase
  • Outright purchase, and mail a check


Equipment Buy-Back


Biomedical Inspections and Repairs


Coro Medical provides service offerings on a large variety of medical equipment. Our Certified Biomedical Engineers and Technicians (CBET) have been factory trained by several OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Coro Medical is able to provide national coverage by customers sending their equipment to any of our depots.




Annual Maintenance


This aspect of equipment ownership is often overlooked, but is absolutely essential to maintain compliance, deliver the best possible care to your patients and extend the life of your equipment. Accreditation agencies, insurance providers and the manufactures all require these annual inspections. This not only extends the life of your equipment, but also protects you as a provider. Requirements vary depending on location, facility type and classification. If you need help determining what your requirements are, we’d be more than happy to assist.





Free Loaner Program


We understand you rely on your equipment to provide premium medical care. Equipment being down for repairs can cause your organization to lose revenue and be unavailable for service. In many cases, we will provide a loaner at no charge for customers that purchase equipment or service from Coro Medical. We can also overnight a loaner for certain devices. This program is provided at no charge for Coro Medical customers.